The Perfect Life

In this day and age, we live in a time where we show the world that we have perfect lives. On Instagram, we often see #selfies of girls that have often edited the photo to make themselves look good or better. I am so guilty of this (although not all my selfies have been edited, just a few)!

Why do we do this though? Is it bad to show our imperfections? Will people truly hate or judge us because we aren’t perfect?

We clearly live in a society that makes perfection difficult to obtain. You can always be thinner. You can always dye those grays. You can get plastic surgery. There is a solution for things, but there will always be a way to take it further, to be better.

Why do we put so much stress on ourselves to be perfect? Will it make our relationships better? Will it help our grades? Will we get richer? Will we find the love of our life that way?

Probably not. And it bites that we get upset over others imperfections.

My lovely boyfriend, Taylor, has ADD. He chooses to not take any meds to manage his ADD. When we first met, I knew something was different. I noticed his rapid eye shifts, his slight head turns to a noise he could hear from afar, the distracted looks he’d make when I would try to talk to him. He eventually told me that he has ADD. I could hear the slight tinge of fear as he uttered the words “I have ADD.”

I ended up finding out that in previous relationships his exes would get upset, even to the point of yelling at him for his ADD showing. That broke my heart. It’s a part of who he is, but it is not who he is. I love him even more because of his ADD. He sees the world differently, and it’s amazing!

Now I’m not telling you this to say that I’m an amazing girlfriend for loving her boyfriend with ADD. I’m saying that what others would say is an imperfection, we should see as something that makes someone unique and their own person.

We have all been created in the image of God (Gen. 1:26-28), and He saw what He had made and said that it is good (Gen. 1:31). If God has uniquely created us, why should we have to perfect ourselves? Why should we judge others for being imperfect?

If you have an imperfection that you don’t like, and you can change it in a healthy manner, go for it. I’m not saying that you can change and make better choices for yourself, just please don’t make changes to please others or to make it seem like your life is perfect.

The only One that can make our lives perfect is God. He has made us perfect in Christ, so let us look at others the way God sees them: forgiven, loved, and whole.