Work and Stuff

I had a call in shift today. When I called, my manager wanted me to come in but she tweaked the hours, which I didn’t mind. I went in feeling a bit sluggish, although I had 9 hours of sleep, but not the point.

About a month ago while I was working, I met a mother and her daughter while they were shopping. I was greeting at that point of my shift when I heard an “excuse me” behind me while I was greeting some guests with a “Hey there! Hi there! Ho there! Welcome to the Disney Store!” I turned around to see this mother and daughter. The daughter looked to be around my age (22/23 I’m guessing), and she is special needs. She was holding onto a Wilbur Robinson (from Disney’s Meet the Robinsons) plush! And if you know me, I absolutely LOVE that movie! So I was able to help them out with what they were looking for, and we started talking about Meet the Robinsons before they made their way to the box office (registers).

Today while I was ringing up guests in the box office, I noticed that they were in line. I did my best to calculate everything so I could help them again. When they walked up to my register, I told them that I remembered them! They lit up and they remembered me as well! We talked about Meet the Robinsons again! While I was helping them with their exchanges, they were telling me about how they met one of the creators of the movie. The daughter was so very excited to tell me about her experience because she knew that I would love it just as much. Not gonna lie, they had a super great opportunity to meet the man! I was finishing up the exchange, when they introduced themselves to me. They said that I am their favorite cast member, and that they hope that when they come back to the store, that I’m working so I can help them again! They are super sweet, and I hope that the next time they walk in that I’m working too!

While I’ve been working at the Disney, I’ve noticed that some people bring in family members with Down syndrome or a group of people with special needs. I love when they walk in because they’re so great and so nice! But, sometimes I hear other guests comment under their breath asking why people would bring them out in public. That truly breaks my heart. They are people. They have emotions. And honestly, they are the best guests to have at the store, because they are so kind and they follow along with the Disney language. I have so much fun with them! And it’s those groups, and those families, and this mother and daughter that I’ve met that make my day even better at the happiest place in the mall. They are the guests that make a hard shift better and brighter for me when I’m the one who should make their day a bit more magical. They are the ones that teach me the most.

Having these experiences push me to love more; to see others the way God sees them and love them that much more. Sometimes, I wish that that my heart wasn’t so big, that God didn’t give me so much care for the world, but then the rest of the time I feel it pushing me to love more, do more, be more.

So if you read all of this, thanks! and if you happen to be at the South Coast Plaza, stop by the Disney Store and ask for me! 🙂