“We’re all searching for something. They’re looking for you; we just want to help them find you.”

It was a snow day here in Eugene, OR, and my classes got cancelled (internal shouts of joy)! I stayed home and worked on quite a bit of my homework. I also got the chance to watch The Internship staring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. The title for this blog post is actually a line from the movie. It always stuck with me, and I just love it.

While I was watching the film, I was googling how to start up a coffee business and seeing if I can become a barista at a local coffee shop around here. The thing I’m currently searching for is way to bring a little (or a giant) cup of love to people, all while using fair trade products and donating a percentage of income to a charity every month (way to make myself sound like a hipster). I mean, I honestly want to work with people. I want to show them that they matter and that they are loved. If I do that, I feel like I’m living out what God has called me to do.

Loving people is what God has commanded His followers to do (“… You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:39). Owning a coffee shop would do just that, right? Excellent customer service, donating funds to help out organizations that help people, and even serving the homeless (and when I get my Masters in Counseling, maybe hold sessions in a cute little private nook). I have so many ideas that would help make the place where I can hopefully open up a shop better. I want to be able to show people love.

That’s what I think everyone is ultimately searching for. Love is all around us (and it’s not because of Valentine’s Day being around the corner either). Without love, we lack drive. When you love something or someone, you do your best to give it or them the best you have, right?

I honestly wish I could just love people all the time. I want to make their day better, make them smile, make them feel like they matter. I see so much worth in every person, and I just wish I could tell them without sounding like a crazy person.

I want to start a revolution. I want people to know love. I want people to know that they matter. I want people to know that I genuinely care. That’s my prayer, and I hope it’s yours too.


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