The Technicalities of Christmas

What do you normally think of when asked to describe the Christmas story (not to be confused with the 1983 movie A Christmas Story)? Often times we think of Mary travelling by donkey while Joseph led the way, inn keepers turning away a very pregnant Mary and her husband, a wooden stable, three wise men, etc. But some people like to say that there probably wasn’t a donkey, there was no record of any interaction with inn keepers, if stables where even wooden then, or the fact that there could have been a caravan of people travelling that were wise men/magi. There are so many details or things that have been added to the story that are important to a certain degree, but we lose sight of what really matters.

So, what is it that truly matters in the Christmas story? It’s the fact that Jesus stepped out of eternity and became a man. That God gave up His Son so that we may have a chance to spend all of eternity with Him. That Jesus gave up every right to be selfish, and decided to be one of us.

But how does all of this link to the baby in the manger? That baby grows up to be Man on the Cross. He grows up to be Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the King of Kings, the Man who will come back again. I fear that many of us forget to have that baby grow up, that we don’t connect Him to the Man that rose again on that first Easter morning, the Man who gave up His life for us. We need to see that connection, that growth, because if we don’t, then Christmas can become another commercialized holiday.

This winter season, will you let the baby in the manger stay there? Or will you let the Child we call our Savior grow up?

The choice is yours…

  • Further Reading:
  • Isaiah 7
  • Matthew 1:18 – 2:12
  • Luke 2
  • Isaiah 53
  • John 3:16

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