A Young Life

I went to a four year old’s memorial service earlier today. I am not going to lie to you, it was heart breaking. This little girl was so vibrant and full of life, but she was born with an intestinal disease that would cause her to be in and out of the hospital throughout her life. Her mother is devastated. This young life ended during the week of Thanksgiving. How can the family go through the holiday season the same anymore?

Karlee (the little girl) touched many lives during the time that she was here on earth. She made everyone smile! And her death came quickly and caused much pain. Many people would say that she never got to live, that her life was cut short. But do we really know that? If you met her, you could see that she was living life to the fullest, even while in the hospital. God has a plan for all of this, and even though much pain has hit many, especially her parents, God has not forsaken us. He is still in control.

One of the things that has completely changed my life through this is that Stephanie, Karlee’s mother, wants to give out of her loss. “Karlee loved playing in playgrounds. I want to build a playground.” I have no idea if I would ever be able to do something like this, let alone say it after losing my only child. But this just shows how God is working in her life, even though it is hard right now.

I would ask that you look at Stephanie’s statement, and just see how God is working in your life, whether things are going great or not. Whatever the circumstance, you will see just how blessed you are and how present God is in your life. If you can, please pray for Stephanie and her family, it would be greatly appreciated.


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